The complete Liberty Specifications can be found here.

Liberty Alliance Complete Specifications ZIP Package – 17 December, 2007

Liberty Alliance ID-WSF Advanced Client 1.0 Specifications

The final, approved Advanced Client 1.0 Specifications, schema, WSDL, and supporting docs.

Liberty Alliance ID-WSF 2.0 Specifications including Errata v1.0 Updates

A discussion of the Need-Driven Requirements for ID-WSF 2.0 ( Liberty ID-WSF 2.0 Marketing Requirements Document v1.0 ) is available in the Strategic Initiatives‘ Requirements section.

Liberty Alliance ID-SIS 1.0 Specifications

Liberty Alliance ID-WSF Data Services Template v2.0 Specifications

Liberty Alliance ID-WSF 1.1 Specifications

Liberty Alliance ID-FF 1.2 Specifications

For an overview of the relationship between ID-FF, SAML2, and ID-WSF 2.0, please see the discussion in the Federation section of Strategic Initiatives.

Liberty Alliance Specifications – Support Documents and Utility Schema Files

Developer Resources, Feedback, and Policies


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