The dynamic, problem-solving nature of a consortium like Liberty Alliance lends itself to allow for strategic focus on current and emerging issues in identity. Our structure consists of several Expert Groups who focus on very clearly defined work areas, producing output for public consumption ranging from technical specifications to whitepapers to policy guidelines. We also have Special Interest Groups, which bring together various members with common interests across well defined vertical and horizontal issues, including healthcare, e-Government, payments, identity theft and identity issues in Japan, among others. These Groups meet together regularly to analyze trends, review issues and problem solve together. It is through these dynamic meetings and collaborative activities that many new ideas and borne, issues addressed and alliances formed. The cross-section of experts in technology, business and policy infused with these global perspectives that understand different regulatory environments and geographic issues allows for some very interesting discussions and productive insights.

This cross-section of members has driven many issues that are of great interest to our membership—issues that change and evolve depending on the current environment. In most of these cases, we haven’t finished the dialogue on the topic. In fact we’d invite you to join the conversation in our forum area.

Use this portion of the website to learn about several initiatives of import to us, ranging from technical to business to policy, and study available resources in each of these areas.


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