Liberty Alliance is about solving identity issues, so naturally identity theft prevention is of interest to our membership. Recognizing that the online identity theft problem is too big and growing too quickly to be solved by one vendor or one initiative, our special interest group is designed to serve as a hub for the global effort against identity theft and is attacking issues from multiple perspectives in a collaborative, open, and vendor neutral environment. We believe that when the industry works together, the majority of online identity theft issues will be solved faster and on a broader scale. This public group holds regular public and private workshops, webcasts, produces whitepapers and serves as an expert resource for other groups, both within and outside of the Liberty Alliance.

Identify Theft Prevention Workgroup – FAQ

Additional Resources

Liberty Whitepaper on Liberty Protocol and Identity Theft – Feb 20, 2004  

This paper, written by the Identity Theft Prevention Special Interest Group of the Liberty Alliance, clearly explains how a cross-organizational and vendor-neutral method of approaching the challenge of identity theft can work where piecemeal approaches will not. It includes a detailed identity theft matrix that explores the various types of identity theft and possible mitigating strategies, as well as an identity theft lifecycle that presents the various stages of the identity theft problem.  

•  id_Theft_Primer_Final.pdf 161.36 kB
Glossary for the ID Theft Primer  

Identity Theft Prevention Workshop: Washington DC- April 26, 2006  

Presentation by Sun detailing the identity theft problem, possible mitigtating solutions, and how Liberty Federation can be used to help prevent it.  

•  ProtectingIdentity.pdf 473.19 kB
Trends: Current Identity Legislation Landscape – Mary Ellen Callahan, Hogan Hartson Law LLP  

Trends: Identity Technology – Purdue University  

Trends: Identity Best Practices – Jonathan Rusch, Special Counsel for Fraud Prevention, Criminal Division, Fraud Section, United States Department of Justice and US delegate to UN Crime Commission of Fraud and Misuse of Information  

Fidelity Case Study – Paul Biciunas, Fidelity Investments  

BIPAC/Sun Case Study – Darrell Shull, BIPAC  

•  BIPAC_Sun_Case_Study_DC.pdf 778.10 kB
Liberty Alliance ID-WSF 1.1 Static Conformance Requirements  

NACHA – Web 2.0, Identity, and Payments  


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