The Identity Assurance Expert Group (IAEG), co-chaired by Nigel Tedeschi of BT and Frank Villavicencio of Global Transaction Services at Citi, is driving the work within Liberty Alliance of fostering the adoption of identity assurance services. To advance this goal, the IAEG provides a forum for identifying and resolving the market acceptance and commercial obstacles to broad deployment and adoption of identity assurance services. The first step has been development of a global standard Framework (see below).

The Framework consists of an identity credential policy, business procedure and rules and minimal baseline commercial terms (e.g. liability allocation) supporting mutual acceptance, validation and lifecycle maintenance across identity federations and to foster inter-federation on a global scale. The scope of the IAEG is not just to consolidate and refine a standard Framework for identity assurance, but to move beyond pure policy development and into development of actionable and measurable programs (starting with certification) including certification education, industry marketing and broad market promotion. The scope includes support for individual, organizational and machine entity identity assurance. Get quickly up-to-speed with the Framework by reading the ReadMeFirst document.

The end goal of this activity is to provide public and private sector organizations with a uniform means of relying on digital credentials issued by a variety of identity assurance providers (credential service providers) in order to advance trusted identity federation and facilitate public access to online services and information. Interoperability of e-authentication systems, mutual acceptance of rules, policies and supporting business processes is essential to the cost-effective operation of safe and secure systems that perform essential electronic transactions and tasks across industry lines.

Community involvement and feedback on the framework is encouraged! An open SIG for Identity Assurance conversation is available in our SIG section.

To submit feedback on the Framework, please use our public feedback form.

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General questions and answers related to the Identity Assurance work, including the merge of EAP into Liberty Alliance, Liberty Trust Framework, and discussion of other key issues related to this important Expert Group.  

Identity Assurance

Liberty Alliance, the global identity consortium working to build a more trusted Internet for consumers, governments and businesses worldwide, today announced it has formed a new expert group to deliver the Liberty Trust Framework, an organizational framework designed to fill industry requirements for standardized identity assurance criteria for use in a broad range of federation scenarios. Liberty’s Identity Assurance Expert Group (IAEG) was established by the recent merge of the Electronic Authentication Partnership (EAP) into Liberty Alliance, and consists of representatives from the worldwide financial services, government, healthcare and service provider sectors working collaboratively to release the Liberty Trust Framework for public review and input later this year.  

Sep 10
EAP and Liberty Alliance form new global expert group to drive trusted federations and identity assurance internationally
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“With the technologies for wide-scale federation in place, the Liberty Trust Framework provides the necessary business structure that will allow organizations of all sizes and in every market sector to better manage and protect identity information across all identity federations,” said Roger Sullivan, president of the Liberty Alliance Management Board and vice president of Oracle Identity Management, as Liberty Trust Alliance today announced it has formed a new expert group to deliver the Liberty Trust Framework.  

Sep 10
Liberty Alliance Forms New Expert Group to Deliver the Liberty Trust Framework
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Liberty Alliance today announced the public release of the Liberty Identity Assurance Framework (IAF). The IAF has been developed by Liberty’s Identity Assurance Expert Group (IAEG) to simplify and speed the deployment of identity federations by standardizing identity assurance levels and the certification process for all identity assurance service providers participating in federated relationships. Liberty Alliance will hold a public webcast to review the Identity Assurance Framework on Thursday, November 29 at 8:00AM US PT.  

Nov 14
Liberty Alliance Intros IAF
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The IAF is designed to simplify and speed the deployment of identity federations by standardising identity assurance levels and the certification process for all identity assurance service providers participating in federated relationships. Developed by members of the Liberty Alliance Identity Assurance Expert Group representing the financial services, government, healthcare, IT and telecoms sectors, the IAF is designed to meet cross-industry requirements for baseline identity assurance policy standards for all public and private sector federations.
Nov 14
Liberty Alliance Touts Identity Assurance Framework
ITWeek >
The Liberty Alliance identity technology consortium has issued a draft framework that organizations could use to share identity information for electronic transactions. The Alliance’s Identity Assurance Expert Group developed the Liberty Identity Assurance Framework. The alliance is seeking feedback on the draft.
Nov 29
Liberty Alliance releases federated identity framework
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The Identity Assurance Framework (IAF) aims to help alleviate the industry slow down and confusion, and help simplify and speed the deployment of trusted identity federations based on standardized identity assurance and the certification of trust levels for all organizations participating in federated relationships. Slides and audio available here.  

Webcast: Identity Assurance Framework: Advancing the Marketplace

This presentation reviews the aims and goals of the Identity Assurance Expert Group and SIG, with primary focus on the current work product, the Identity Assurance Framework. This technology-agnostic Framework supports mutual acceptance, validation and lifecycle maintenance across identity federation.
•  083010 LAP workshop IAEG overview.ppt 120.50 kB
Liberty Alliance Identity Assurance Framework 1.1
Webcast by Jim Gross of Wells Fargo explains the Identity Assurance Framework and its business application at Wells Fargo. Real World Identity Assurance: Wells Fargo Demonstration of Identity Assurance Principles In Action
This webcast, jointly presented by the co-chairs of the Identity Assurance Expert Group, Frank Villavicencio of Citi Global Transaction Services and Alex Popowycz of Fidelity Investments, details the Identity Assurance Framework and its real world application in helping to solve today’s current business challenges. Liberty Alliance Webcast: Title: The Journey From Concept to Reality: Identity Assurance in Action
A full day workshop, featuring presentations on Identity Assurance Framework, the Credential Program, and real world use cases from Fidelity Investments and Citi Global Transaction Services, with a foreward from the ABA detailing the need for common levels of assurance for the banking industry. TowerGroup Pre-Conference Workshop at Tower Group Conference 2008
Citi Leverages a Time-honored Role in Identity Management; New Services Embrace Liberty Standards
Aetna Enhances Secure Provider Portal with SSO and SAML 2.0
Liberty Identity Assurance Framework – Read Me First 1.0


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