From its founding in September 2001, the Liberty Alliance has focused on need-driven work. We don’t believe in “technology for technology’s sake.” Our members represent a diverse cross-section of verticals, geographies, and disciplines, and as such are able to effectively and efficiently articulate use cases, implementation types, and business drivers that help us form a well-rounded understanding of the identity marketplace. As part of our organizational process, members define use cases that are of interest to solve specific needs, and these use cases are then fully vetted and voted upon as Market Requirement Documents (MRDs). In most cases, these MRDs reflect specific technical needs to accomplish a specific use case, but in some cases, a business or policy need is also reflected. These MRDs, voted upon by the appropriate Expert Group, are then submitted to other Expert Groups for specifications or guidelines development, with much communication throughout that process to assure that the solutions created match the needs that have been articulated. This unique process of the Liberty Alliance—with needs-driven development of technical and business specifications—helps to keep our work on track, applicable, and implementable by our diverse global membership. This process of MRD development is a constant and ongoing proces. We invite you to visit this page often to see the latest MRDs that have been implemented.

Additional Resources

Liberty ID-WSF 2.0 Marketing Requirements Document v1.0  


Phase 2 – Identity Services Marketing Requirements Document v1.0  


Phase 1 – Authentication Sharing Marketing Requirements Document v1.0  


Liberty Id-Governance – Identity Privacy and Access Policy Market Requirements Document  


Liberty Business Identity Profile Marketing Requirements Document v1.0  

•  liberty-bip-mrd-v1.0.pdf 43.98 kB


Liberty Transaction Accounting Marketing Requirements Document v1.0  


Liberty Intelligent Client Marketing Requirements Document v1.0  


Liberty ID-SAFE Marketing Requirements Document for Strong Authentication v1.0  


Liberty ID-SIS GeoLocation MRD v1.0  



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