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“We continue to see terrific consumer and business value in the joint work of our many Liberty Alliance partners. Liberty’s latest web services specifications will be an important part of the foundation for building a secure, flexible way for your customers and partners to leverage and connect an array of their preferred Web capabilities, services, and tools.”

– Glen Salow, Executive Vice President & CIO, American Express Company

“We are excited to see how well the Liberty Alliance position has developed within the global Identity Management arena. Cavio, being the first member of the Liberty Alliance to successfully combine biometric authentication of individuals within the specification, is convinced that the Liberty Alliance Project will form an integral part of the next generation of e-business tools aimed at satisfying both the business need to exchange information and the individual’s need to protect privacy.”

– Paul Mann, President & CEO

“By allowing identity information across federated environments to be managed through a set of truly open standards, the Liberty Alliance specification offers a major step forward in security management for our customers. As the leader in security management, CA will support the new Liberty specifications in our eTrust solutions in the identity, access and Web service management spaces.”

– Bilhar Mann, Director of Product Management, eTrust Business Unit

“In our experience with more than 200 enterprise customers, the existing IT infrastructure, no matter how heterogeneous, can be leveraged to gain significant ROI from identity management solutions. A federated identity standard extends these capabilities to allow customers to more easily and securely manage these decentralized digital identities. Plus, it creates new business opportunities for them because forming business relationships is easier and more manageable from an IT perspective.”

-Brian Milas, CTO

“DigiGAN believes that it is important to be involved with organizations that are working towards developing and promoting a secure information assurance environment for all aspects of Internet communications and commerce. We are excited to be a part of the Liberty Alliance and look forward to contributing to open standards for federated network identity.”

– Anthony Martini, President and CEO

“Federation of identities is a critical area of focus as organizations extend beyond the enterprise to connect businesses and governments. And with the elevated importance of Information Security Governance, there has never been as much pressure to ensure that you know who or what is interacting with your organization. Entrust’s early and active role in the Liberty Alliance is a key part of Entrust’s demonstrated commitment to helping organizations around the globe to connect identities together in a standard and open way. With the advent of Web services, the ability to federate identities that are not individuals (applications and/or devices) will quickly become a key requirement, and the work being done through Liberty and OASIS will be critical to successfully connecting them together in a standard manner.”

– Chris Voice, Vice President, Secure Identity Management Solutions

“2004 will be an important year for the launch of Digital Identity technology in the mobile industry. Ericsson, together with key industry leaders, is contributing to apply user-identity based concepts towards existing/future wireless applications, facilitating Service Level Agreements with content providers. Such kind of agreements will provide a new source of revenues for mobile operators.”

– Gunilla Fransson, Vice President, Business Unit Systems – Product Area Service Layer

“As a major contributor to shaping the future of Mobile and Broadband Internet communications, we at Ericsson see a very high value in creating an open standards-based foundation for federated network identity and associated identity-based Web services. By addressing fundamental B2C and B2B aspects, and by focusing on sorting out the core issues involved in those aspects such as identity, privacy and security, the Liberty Alliance endeavour will facilitate Operators to take on new business roles and create new revenue streams, as well as giving means to enhance their traditional offerings.”

– Jan Uddenfeldt, CTO of Ericsson

“We at Fischer are committed to meeting Liberty Alliance standards. Since one of our top priorities is to provide customers with comprehensive wireless identity management capabilities, we are excited about the added security that the Liberty Alliance framework provides. Customers want access anytime, anywhere but do not want to compromise security for convenience. Liberty Alliance compliance will help mitigate risk and concern.”

– Renee’ Bacherman, President and CEO

“As a founder, France Telecom has been involved in the Liberty Alliance Project since the beginning. The progress achieved in such a short time strengthens our resolve. France Telecom is launching several corporate projects using Liberty’s Identity Federated Framework, specifically in the mobile and the Web access domains. With ID-FF version 1.2 and the recently launched Identity Web Services Framework, Liberty has reached a new level of maturity and we believe that Liberty is now ready to be used in the roll out of a new breed of services throughout Europe. We are therefore starting to inform key players in Europe seeking to recruit new of them in the Liberty Alliance.”

– Jean-Jacques Damlamian, Senior VP Technology and Innovation Group

“Consumers need to know that their online personal information is protected from unauthorized use and furthermore need to feel as though they have control over how this information is managed and shared after it enters the digital world. As online identity protection remains a top concern around the world, the smart card’s ability to perform two-factor authentication and encryption offers businesses the most efficient and secure way to identify users on the Internet, while also guaranteeing that the users’ privacy is not compromised. Gemplus supports the new Liberty specifications and believes that the specifications will allow companies to provide consumers with more confidence to conduct business over the Web and enable them to offer more dynamic, personalized identity-based Web services to consumers, partners and employees.”

– Jim Schreckengast, Senior VP of R&D Strategy

“Standards are the basis of competition going forward… It’s not just your ability to make and sell that matters anymore. We used to have a 48-month product development cycle; now we’re down to 18 months, and we’re trying to get to a year. When you have that kind of rapid change, you have to have architectures and standards and interoperability. If you can set the standard or drive the standard, that enables you to get to market faster and have a broader market than might have ever been the case prior to today. Think of standards as an accelerator to your business.”

– Tony Scott, CTO for GM (appearing in CIO Magazine 10/1/03)

“The objectives of the Liberty Alliance Project are in line with General Motors’ pursuit to leverage the most effective technology solutions offered for the digital economy. Secure information management and interoperability across the Internet landscape are vital issues to GM as we use digital technologies to expand our strategic options and reinvent relationships with our customers, employees, and business partners. It’s a progressive, innovative alliance that makes sense for GM.”

– Ralph Szygenda, Group Vice President & CIO

“HP is taking a leadership position in Federated Identity Management today. As you can see from our positions at Liberty Alliance, we have the investments and resources in place to maintain that leadership. HP is responding to customer demand by delivering products and services directly to that market. hp IceWall SSO solution and services are a good example of HP’s commitment to its customers.”

– Masaya Kawahara, Vice President of HP Services Consulting & Integration

“Jabber, Inc. sees real value in the Liberty Alliance’s efforts to create an open, standards-based foundation for federated digital identity. We are actively investigating how personalized identity-based services enabled through the new Liberty Alliance specifications can extend and integrate real-time collaboration with web services.”

– Tony Bamonti, Vice President of Open Alliances and Standards

“The industry’s adoption of standard protocols, such as Liberty and SAML, are enabling organizations to truly leverage a federated business model in order to securely expand their traditional boundaries. Netegrity is very committed to supporting the various security federation protocols within our products in order to enable our customers to make secure federation a reality. In addition to providing advanced SAML capabilities in Netegrity SiteMinder, we are also committed to supporting Liberty and are currently delivering Liberty ID-FF to a major telecom customer.”

-Prateek Mishra, Director of Technology and Architecture
& Co-Chair of the OASIS SAML Committee

“The Liberty Alliance specifications have proven themselves consistently in NeuStar’s mortgage industry trust circle implementation. We have taken a very active early role in editing and testing because this is the first standard that successfully addresses critical-trusted interoperability and privacy issues with scaling in mind. Our NeuLiberty identity exchange platform has been in production now for twelve months without a hitch, and new uses and customer opportunities are emerging constantly.”

– John Ticer, VP Identity Services

“Nokia has completed several pilots based on Liberty Alliance standards together with the key mobile operators and service providers in the world. The pilots have validated the significance of the Liberty Alliance Project as a great example of open standardisation. On top of delivering technical specifications in a timely manner, the group also provides business, privacy and policy guidelines addressing market requirements. Nokia is committed to driving industry convergence and standardisation in the area of identity and service framework, and it is involved in driving cooperation between relevant industry initiatives.”

– Pertti Korhonen, CTO

“We are seeing great progress with the implementation of the Liberty Alliance specifications, and are encouraged by the results of the recent interoperability tests. This progress will create new opportunities for Novell and our customers for more secure and universal identity management solutions and secure Web solutions. The efforts of the Alliance to create an open, standards-based foundation for federated network identity and Web services, as well as Novell’s efforts to deliver products based on these standards, are being realized. With the introduction of Liberty’s Phase 2 specifications, Novell is intent on developing products based on those specifications. These will be industry-leading, robust and scalable solutions with wide commercial appeal, and they will significantly facilitate the evolution of e-business for years to come.”

– Alan Nugent, CTO

“Identity federation is clearly a requirement for our customers in 2004 and beyond, and Oblix views standards such as Liberty to be building blocks for a secure federation strategy.”

– Rick Caccia, Director of Product Management

“Federated identity standards are essential to the widescale adoption of secure Web Services and multi vendor business to business applications. Phaos is pleased to be working with the Liberty Alliance on this critically important initiative. One of the most important aspects of the Liberty Alliance is that it represents the efforts and thought leadership of world-class commercial organizations, leading technology companies and government agencies. Coordination on this level is seldom seen in the creation of standards. Building solutions that meet customer requirements from the outset is key to insuring adoption. The Liberty Alliance proves that having a set of common objectives and vocabulary saves time and money.”

– Roger Sullivan, President & CEO

“The Liberty Alliance is laying the necessary foundation for wide scale federated identity. The phase 2 specifications will allow for the kind of fine-grained attribute sharing that will enable the end-user to control how and when their personal data is shared. Ping Identity will continue to act as the de facto open source implementation for the Liberty Alliance specifications by including the phase 2 specifications in summer 2004 of SourceID software.”

– Andre Durand, CEO

“We consider continued support and tighter integration of the Liberty Alliance latest specifications to be an important option to make available to our customers. Federated authentication will become an integral component of enterprise secure messaging solutions going forward. PostX was the first secure messaging company to join the Liberty Alliance Project. It made perfect sense to enable a networked world in which individuals and businesses can more easily conduct transactions and share sensitive information while protecting both privacy and security.”

– Scott Olechowski, VP, Product Strategy

“Federated identity is clearly of great interest to our customers and partners, evidenced by the traction that we’re seeing in customer requests. Federated identities and web services will take e-business processes to the next level, and strong trust and security is the necessary cornerstone to make this happen. The Liberty Alliance’s frameworks– ID-FF, ID-WSF and future Identity service specifications –provide a comprehensive solution for federated identity management, and RSA Security is pleased to be involved in helping drive and shape these necessary standards.”

– Joe Uniejewski, CTO and Senior Vice President of Corporate Development

“Identity Management plays a critical role in SAP’s Enterprise Services Architecture, a Web services-based infrastructure for tomorrow’s business applications. The Liberty Alliance specifications, especially the principle of federated identities, are an important aspect in this environment.”

– Dr. Sachar Paulus, Director of Security Product Management

“Sigaba Secure Email, Instant Messaging (IM), and Statements products already address Liberty Alliance specifications and are ready to deliver the future of federated authentication. With our Liberty-enabled solutions, Sigaba has demonstrated unequaled vision and leadership in secure messaging, already being able to connect to disparate services with the simplified single sign-on experience to streamline business communications. Liberty Alliance is right on the mark, and Sigaba is there to meet it straightaway. Our customers, which include major banks, healthcare organizations, government agencies and enterprise technology companies, are with us in following the same path.”

– Robert E. Cook, CEO

“In a world where the use of mobile devices and services is exploding, stronger levels of network identity and security are required to ensure trust and privacy for consumer and enterprise users. Sun was one of the first to incorporate Liberty protocol support into its product set, and we continue to lead the way by working to integrate these standards across our mobile infrastructure offerings. We remain committed to the Liberty Alliance and strongly endorse its mobile business guidelines.”

– Alan Brenner, Vice President, Consumer and Mobile Systems Group

“The possibilities that are realized with the Trustgenix Federation Server (TFS) in the mobile data environment are enormous. From seamless single sign-on to anonymous payment and privacy-regulation-compliant profile information exchange, carriers are beginning to use the TFS and are seeing exciting results.”

– Atul Tulshibagwale, CEO

“Trustgenix IdentityBridgeT extends the reach of existing identity infrastructure and lays the foundation for federated web services in the extended enterprise. With IdentityBridge, customers have the confidence of interoperating with current and future partners using multiple versions of popular federated identity standards.”

– Greg Whitehead, CTO

“For Web services to really take off, we need what Liberty has to offer. Logging in and entering data with a full size keypad on a PC is annoying enough, but with mobile devices, the small size of a keypad makes this process even more difficult and frustrating. Allowing our customers to log in easily and then go anywhere within that Identity Provider’s circle of trust is very appealing. Also, Liberty enables content and application providers to customize services for our customers that they can access without laborious keypad entries.”

– Ian Johnson, Senior Director, Group R&D

“Federation is going to be the defining infrastructure in the next generation of collaborative business processes. However, in order for customers and partners to securely share identity information, they will need an open, standardized methodology for doing so. The joint efforts of the Liberty Alliance will continue to provide a secure framework for protecting users’ access and profile data across porous organizational boundaries.”

– Kevin Cunningham, Vice President of Marketing and Founder


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