“”As a member and long-time supporter of Liberty Alliance, Symlabs believes that great benefit comes from cooperation between companies seeking to address the complex problem of creating trusted environments that both share and protect sensitive information. IGF is a welcome initiative to take the expression of the attribute requirements and policies to the next level. Liberty Alliance protocols were always meant to work in a framework of policy descriptions. The universe needing these solutions embraces business, government, academic, and personal applications, so the benefits derived from IGF and Liberty Alliance working together will go far,” ”

— Symlabs, Inc., Sampo Kellomaki, Chief Identity Architect,

“”We’re very pleased to see that Oracle has submitted the Identity Governance Framework to the Liberty Alliance,” said Don Bowen, director of Identity Integration for Sun Microsystems, Inc. “Sun believes Liberty is well suited because of its business and technical experts from all verticals, including government. Its work in the area of data privacy is not only valuable, but essential.””

— Sun Microsystems, Inc., Don Bowen, director of Identity Integration

“”Ping Identity was thrilled to hear that Oracle is submitting IGF to the Liberty Alliance,” said Patrick Harding, Ping Identity CTO. “We recently also strengthened our partnership with the Liberty Alliance by becoming a Liberty sponsor. We are looking forward to continuing working on IGF from within Liberty.” “Securent is pleased to support the submission of the IGF specifications for continued development within the Liberty Alliance which has a solid track record of nurturing, and delivering, open and secure identity standards,” said Sekhar Sarukkai, founder and CTO of Securent. “As the industry leader in entitlement management, Securent will contribute its expertise, gathered from many Fortune 500 customer deployments, to help deliver a compelling standard for protecting identity-related information.””

— Ping Identity, Patrick Harding, CTO

“”Novell welcomes Oracle’s contribution to the Liberty Alliance. We continue to look forward to working with Oracle and the other leaders in the identity management market in the development of an open identity framework.””

— Novell, Inc., Nikols, vice president, Product Management Identity and Security

“”We welcome and encourage the development of the IGF. While our own policy and design frameworks foster highly privacy aware online services, the IGF has the potential to complement and extend what we have today. It also fits in well with the Liberty Alliance’s development of guidance to support Identity Management deployments. We look forward to seeing the standard’s finalization and deployment,” ”

— New Zealand Government, Colin Wallis, Programme Manager, Authentication Standards, Chair of the Liberty Alliance eGovernment Special Interest Group

“”Luminance Consulting is very supportive of the collaboration between Oracle and the Liberty Alliance on the further development of the Identity Governance Framework. While significant progress has been made in the standardization and interoperability of identity products, a gap remains in creating standard methods to establish and audit governance of identity data and policies. As such, Luminance looks forward to contributing to Liberty’s requirements and implementation guidelines activities related to IGF.” ”

— Luminance Consulting Services., Andrew Shikiar, Principal

“”KCP believes that the Identity Governance Framework will greatly help in creating an understanding of identity management as a service. Therefore we applaud Oracle’s decision to turn the initiative over to Liberty Alliance in order to create an open, broadly supported standard. We see a fundamental gap between application developers and the current identity management infrastructure that is causing increasingly painful security problems in business processes. In the future, the IGF will be an important part of application security, allowing applications to draw on a set of pre-defined ‘identity services’ that are tested and verified, as opposed to forcing developers to constantly reinvent the wheel,” said ”

— KCP, Tim Cole, Senior Partner

“”HP is very supportive of moving identity governance to an open standards body, and particularly glad this will happen in the Liberty Alliance where HP holds several leadership positions.” ”

— HP, Archie Reed, Director of strategy

“”The Identity Governance Framework effort is an important step forward in addressing the sharing of sensitive identity data within an enterprise as well as with partners to govern privacy and compliance aspects. IGF should bring an interesting set of enhanced enterprise attribute sharing requirements to Liberty and help further improve the user centric privacy framework specifications which the organization has been working since early 2002.” Lena Kannappan, former chair of Liberty Services Group, CEO, FuGen Solutions, a managed identity services provider who provides pre-production scanning, testing and verification services.”

— FuGen Solutions, Lena Kannappan, CEO FuGen Solutions, former chair of Liberty Services Group

“”CA is supporting the Identity Governance Framework to help customers more easily protect personal data across their disparate systems and applications,” said Andy Rappaport, Architect, Identity and Access Management at CA. “We look forward to working with the Liberty Alliance, Oracle and others to develop practical, adaptable XML-based specifications that simplify the creation, enforcement and management of identity security policies.””

— CA, Andy Rappaport, Architect, Identity and Access

“As a law professor studying electronic commerce issues, participation in Liberty Alliance has helped me understand how businesses are working to improve the security of online authentication systems. More than a decade after Internet commerce began, authentication remains one of the most fundamental challenges facing businesses engaged in electronic commerce today. The U.S. chose ‘technology-neutral’ law reforms to promote the growth of electronic commerce with federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000 (E-SIGN) and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, which has now been enacted in nearly all states. Technology-neutral laws leave it up to the market to determine what technologies best meet the needs of businesses and consumers, and standards organizations such as the Liberty Alliance fuel the growth of markets for new electronic commerce technologies. Participating in discussions with Liberty Alliance members about how new authentication technologies are being used in electronic commerce has helped me understand how technological innovation and standards are shaping the commercial law of the 21st century. ”

— University of Washington School of Law, Jane K. Winn, Charles I. Stone Professor, Director, Shidler Center for Law, Commerce & Technology

““Thales e-Security has been active in the identity management and authentication space with its SafeSign suite of products since 2002. Over the years, we have successfully delivered systems involving both federated and integrated identities to customers globally – Voca, the UK payment clearing house, and MCSD, the Egyptian stock exchange, would be good examples. As such, we see Liberty as a natural evolvement in our endeavours to provide industry leading security solutions to critical infrastructures within banking and government. Our products already support various standards maintained by Liberty like, for example, SAML. We believe that active collaboration on standards within the area is beneficial for our customers and key to the success of the industry in its activities in both fighting fraud but also facilitating the electronic society coming of age. Through our membership in Liberty we therefore wish to actively participate in the development of open standards and platforms within the identity management arena through exchange of knowledge, experiences and opinions with other industry vendors. ”

— Thales e-Security, Dragoljub Nesic, Head of Professional Services

“Identity management is an issue that is getting more and more important. The Liberty Alliance approach is a sound solution that can be useful to us for internal corporate applications and external customer-facing digital identity management solutions. ”

— Telenor R&D; Wireless Communication, Prof. Dr. Do van Thanh

“The Liberty Alliance is an important organization for Gemalto, a world leader in digital security, because it shares in our commitment of using open standards to federate and secure identities. Gemalto protects digital interactions by securing the identities, assets and transactions for governments, businesses and individuals. We provide end-to-end digital security solutions, from the development of software applications through design and production of secure personal devices such as smart cards, SIMs, e-passports, and tokens to the management of deployment services for its customers. Gemalto is an active participant in the Liberty Alliance’s Strong Authentication Expert Group (SAEG) and implements solutions that comply with the organization standards. An example of this is the SIM Strong solution that recently won a Sesame award at CARTES. For more information, visit www.gemalto.com.”

— Gemalto

“PayPal is a supporter of open standards, and as a leader in online identity we welcome the opportunity to participate in the work of the Liberty Alliance.”

— PayPal, Michael Barrett, Chief Information Security Officer


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