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The financial services sector is leading the industry in innovative new services and processes that utilize key identity information. What information is used, how it is shared and how it is protected has been the topic of much discussion and regulatory guidance, and organizations have struggled to grow their identity deployments outside of the virtual walls of the institution, impeding the growth that many have predicted would take place. The Identity Assurance Framework—a product of work from the global membership of the Liberty Alliance with heavy financial services and egovernment sector input—builds on existing NIST assurance level standards and collaborative input from other organizations. It aims to break through the barriers of growth, providing guidance for the support of mutual acceptance, validation, and life cycle maintenance across identity federations. Use of assurance levels, which range in confidence level from low to high, is determined by the level of confidence or trust necessary to mitigate risk in the transaction, and mirror the various levels of transactions common in the financial services sector.

Through case studies of many leading financial services companies, including Citi, Fidelity, and Wells Fargo, among others, we’ll introduce the Identity Assurance Framework and also formally launch our Identity Assurance Accreditation Program for Credential Service Providers (CSPs), introducing some of the program participants. Credential Service Providers are electronic trust service providers that operates one or more credential services, and can include Registration Authorities. This program builds upon Liberty’s proven interoperability certification program, establishing and certifying test participants against baseline criteria for general organizational conformity, identity proofing services, credential strength, and credential management services The goal of this program is to initially provide federations and Federation Operators with the means to certify their members for the benefit of inter-federation and streamline the certification process for the industry. Follow-on phases will target the development of criteria for certification of relying parties and federations, themselves.

This workshop will provide attendees with a solid understanding of Identity Assurance work underway in the marketplace, tangible guidance on what other institutions are doing, and a blueprint for how to get involved. Some technical knowledge is helpful but not mandatory as the bulk of the presentations will focus on business level case studies and the accreditation process. Business line managers, directors of risk management and security, risk and compliance officers, technoly strategists, product managers, and marketing officers are encouraged to attend.

2008 TowerGroup Financial Services Business & Technology Conference & Exhibition
Conference Dates: May 28 – May 30, 2008
Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel
Boston, Massachusetts

Draft Agenda:
1-1:30 pm Introduction of the Liberty Alliance – Brett McDowell, Executive Director

1:30-1:45 pm Introduction of the Identity Assurance Framework: Defining the Framework and Establishing Goals—Frank Villavicencio, Global Transaction Services, Citi, and Co-Chair of the Identity Assurance Expert Group

1:45-3 pm Case studies on financial sector application of Identity Assurance Framework and Concepts: Citi, Fidelity, and Wells Fargo—goal of these case studies is to provide understanding of how it fits into their business plans/goals, how they are contributing to a single standard solution (ie. marketplace alignment), and foundational guidance on how to get started

3-3:15pm Break

3:15-3:45 pm Introduction of the Accreditation Program and Program Participants–, Alex Popowycz, Fidelity Investments, and Co-Chair of the Identity Assurance Expert Group

Presentation includes roll-out/launch the IAF accreditation program and announce initial participants

3:45-4:15 pm TBD

4-4:45 pm Putting the Accreditation Program to Use: Practice and Next Steps—Roundtable Q&A (moderated by Brett McDowell)

4:45-5 pm Wrap Up/Getting Involved—Brett McDowellYou can register now

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