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Co-Presenters: Paul Madsen and Carolina Canales-Valenzuela, Co-chairs of the Liberty Alliance Technology Expert Group

Description: The final release of Liberty Alliance’s Identity Web Services Framework 2.0 brings several important new standards-based features to the marketplace, a marketplace which has been shaped and impacted by Liberty’s identity work since 2001. In addition to incorporating support for final versions of other standards such as WS-Addressing, WS-Security1.1, and WS-SMS SAMLv2 Token Profile, it also continues reinforces several key foundational capabilities that thread through all of the technical work of the Liberty Alliance, including:User Centric Architecture: user control of data/resources, at the “terminal”, when the user device is heavily involved in the protocol flows and resources/data are stored in the user terminal, and at the “network” where data/resources stored in the net, but user still completely in control

  • Strong person protection: protection against phishing, pharming, vishing, and other forms of identity attack
  • Focus on security and privacy: throughout the specs, representing up-front influence from a global community that has knowledge of global regulations and requirements
  • Social networking capabilities: enables identity-aware, privacy-friendly interactions and management of the user via People Service functionality that can be applied in enterprise as well as consumer-facing applications

In this webcast we’ll provide an orientation for attendees of the latest features and benefits, tying them back to the use cases that drove their creation. If you are a developer or business line manager responsible for understanding how to incorporate web services into your planning, this webcast is a must.

Audience: All Liberty Alliance members, partners, and clients are invited to attend.

Registration: All interested participants must register for the event in order to receive the password and dial-in information.


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