Esplanade 305, Moscone Center, SF, CA

RSA Conference Workshop, co-sponsored by member companies BT, HP, Intel and Novell

Liberty Alliance Identity Standards: Enabling New Usage Models While Increasing Security, Privacy, and Ease-of-Use

As the number of web -based services and internet users continues to increase, so do concerns about identity protection, privacy and ease of use. It’s these growing concerns that led to the creation of the Liberty Alliance in September 2001, and the focus of the Alliance on open, secure, standards-based methods for implementing user centric identity management solutions that maintain user privacy and strengthen the security of internet transactions while at the same time making it easier for end-users to utilize web-based services. Come to this session to learn more about the Liberty Alliance protocols, and see how Novell, BT, Hewlett-Packard, and Intel are utilizing these proven standards to implement new, state-of-the-art, user centric identity management solutions that strengthen security, increase privacy, and offer users new levels of simplicity when using web-based services.

Novell will showcase how customers are benefiting by using products that implement the Liberty Alliance protocols, including a demo of Novell’s Web access management solution. In addition, Novell will be showing significant progress with components from its open source identity project, Bandit. In collaboration with Higgins and other open source projects, the Bandit team will demonstrate interoperability between open source infocard selectors, Microsoft Cardspace, and Liberty Alliance identity providers. BT, Hewlett-Packard, and Intel Corporation will team up to show you how users could benefit from a more simplified user experience when subscribing to new telecom services by leveraging the Liberty compliance provisioning protocol in conjunction with a mobile computing device that provides the Trusted Platform Module capability. Using Liberty standards that are in place now and others in development, these three companies will demonstrate a powerful future scenario where a new user goes through an online subscription process for a public Wi-Fi access service via the internet, and receives an instant secured download of network access credentials that are stored safely on their laptop for subsequent Wi-Fi network access.

The standards work that is in place now is being put to work by smart organizations across the globe, with more than one billion Liberty-enabled identities and devices at the end of 2006. Come to this session to see where your organization fits in this revolution, and walk away with a clear understanding of how to get started today.

Registration is free of charge. To attend, register at Use the registration code 147LIBAEX. This will also give you a free expo pass that you can use to attend the tradeshow portion of the Conference Tuesday through Thursday. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED THROUGH THE RSA CONFERENCE SITE TO ATTEND THIS WORKSHOP.

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