With the rapid adoption of SOA, there is an equally prominent pain point around the ability to protect the architecture as a whole. Many of the solutions currently being deployed are focused on protecting web services. However, this addresses only part of the architecture…it does not address the need to enforce policies around non-web services, the ESB, etc., and doesn’t even begin to address the proactive opportunity of enabling single sign on across the architecture in a heterogenous environment or acknowledge the roll identity has to play in the overall solution.This webcast will focus on this business challenge, introducing a possible solution based on injecting identity into the SOA architecture through all its layers to enforce policy and enable SSO. We will look at standards such as SAML 2.0, ID-WSF, WS-Trust and WS-Security, and how they are leveraged in this Concordia solution (all you followers….this webcast is a must!). We will also examine how a Security Token Service (STS) is used in this solution to enable security and translation of tokens in a heterogenous environment where we have both standards based and proprietary implementations. This webcast will explore the future of federated authorization where we can leverage XACML and SAML 2.0 as well as commerical applications that are identity aware and pluggable into and existing identity infrastructure.

You can register at (session password on day of event = protect). Further details, contact Dervla O’Reilly,


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