Presented by:
Jim Gross, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo;
Brett McDowell, Executive Director of the Liberty Alliance;
Jane Hennessy, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo;
Roger Sullivan, President of the Liberty Alliance Management Board and Vice President Oracle Identity Management.Registration: https://ieee-istolargeroom.webex.com/ieee-istolargeroom/k2/j.php?ED=93156257&UID=142576441The identity marketplace saw early success with internal federations, and many organizations realized cost savings, productivity improvements, greater security and better means of achieving compliance. But growing outside—“federating the federations”—has been a greater challenge as organizations struggle with defining levels of trust, establishing business rules, and deciding who to trust….with how much. The Identity Assurance Framework (IAF), now available for public review and comment from Liberty Alliance, aims to help alleviate the industry slow down and confusion, and help simplify and speed the deployment of trusted identity federations based on standardized identity assurance and the certification of trust levels for all organizations participating in federated relationships. The IAF has been designed to remove the costs and complexities organizations face when making trust decisions for acceptance of identity credentials within federations spanning industries, regions and all federation technologies and protocols. If your organization is already federated and/or looking to federate with other partners, this webcast—and your input on the Framework draft!—is a must.Please direct questions to Dervla O’Reilly, Liberty Alliance, dervla@projecgliberty.org


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