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Moderated by Dr. Peter Alterman, Asst. CIO for EAuthentication, NIH, and Chair, Federal PKI Policy Authority, this webcast will focus on the Identity Proofing Service Assessment Criteria section of the IAF. The third in a four-part webcast series, content will focus on the criteria for a CSP’s functional conformity of its identity proofing practices within the Four Levels of Assurance. The review session will focus on identity proofing elements such as Identity Proofing Policy, Identity verification practices, verification records, etc.Participants in the webcast are encouraged to read the Identity Proofing Service Assessment Criteria ahead of time in the Identity Assurance Framework. Questions and comments are encouraged to be submitted ahead of time via the feedback form.

Registration: https://ieee-istolargeroom.webex.com/ieee-istolargeroom/k2/j.php?ED=102106317&UID=948676821

Dr. Peter Alterman

Dr. Peter Alterman is Assistant Chief Information Officer for Electronic Authentication at the National Institutes of Health and Chair of the Federal PKI Policy Authority. In 2001, he was Acting Director of the Federal Bridge CA and he served as Senior Advisor to the Chair of the Federal PKI Steering Committee until 2003. Dr. Alterman serves on numerous government and industry electronic identity management committees and workgroups. He has been actively involved in Internet technology since serving on the Federal Research Internet Coordinating Committee in 1989.

In 1997, he received the NIH Director’s Award for “providing innovative leadership to NIH Executives and Managers by identifying and addressing critical issues in managing the information technologies of NIH.” In 2002, he received the E-Gov Pioneer Award and the Potomac Forum Leadership Best Practice Award for the NIH-Educause PKI Interoperability Project. In 2003 he received Special Recognition Awards from the Federal Bridge Certification Authority and the Federal PKI Steering Committee. In 2005 he received a special recognition award from the E-Authentication Partnership for his work on Levels of Assurance determination and in 2007 he received an NIH Merit Award for groundbreaking work in identity federation interoperability. He received his Ph.D. in 1974 from the University of Denver.


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