Liberty Alliance Showcases Consumer and Business Benefits of Open and Proven Interoperable Identity Standards at RSA Conference 2008

April 7 Event Demonstrates Liberty Alliance Applications that Enable New Business Services and Provide Users with Greater Online Security and Privacy Protection

San Francisco – March 26, 2008 – Liberty Alliance, the global identity consortium working to build a more trusted internet for consumers, governments and businesses worldwide, today announced the Identity Federation and Web Services: Happening Today – Enabling Tomorrow workshop taking place at RSA Conference 2008 in San Francisco on Monday, April 7 from 1:00 – 4:30pm. The interactive event features Liberty Alliance members from CA, Intel, NTT, Ping Identity and RSA presenting case studies, demonstrations and cutting-edge proof-of-concept applications built using open and proven interoperable identity standards from Liberty Alliance.

“With hundreds of RSA Conference participants already registered to attend and a wide variety of new Liberty-based applications on display, the April 7 workshop showcases the deployment momentum Liberty Alliance standards are experiencing across global markets today,” said Roger Sullivan, president of the Liberty Alliance Management Board and vice president of Oracle Identity Management. “Presenters will review case studies focusing on user and business benefits of applications in the enterprise, health care, technology and telecom sectors to demonstrate why organizations worldwide are relying on identity standards from Liberty Alliance to deploy more secure and privacy-respecting identity services.”

The workshop will feature Liberty Alliance members and customer organizations presenting identity applications that leverage Liberty Advanced Client, Liberty Federation and Liberty Web Services standards. Developed based on well defined use cases and market requirements, demonstrations will show how Liberty’s portfolio of interoperable identity standards provides developers, system integrators and organizations in every sector with the foundation for driving security and privacy into identity-consuming applications spanning industries, networks and devices. Highlights from the applications that will be presented during the April 7 workshop include:

CA – Case studies from CA customers BT & MEDecision covering respectively SAML-based identity federation and standards-based Web services security. These case study presentations will review the business drivers, high-level architectures, key technology and policy decisions, results to date, future plans, and lessons learned at these organizations. The case studies will show that both federation and Web services initiatives are happening today and enabling tomorrow.

Intel – Intel Corporation will review a digital identity life-cycle management proof-of-concept solution based on the Liberty Advanced Client specifications and an Intel Identity Capable Client. The demonstration will show how a secure digital identity could be remotely provisioned and managed by a telco such as BT for the purpose of authenticating users for access to converged networks.

NTT – NTT will present the Virtual Credential Container technology currently being developed within NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories. The technology will enable users to securely store and manage identity credentials in a virtualized and separated environment on a client device, such as PC. A converged network access scenario will be demonstrated using the Virtual Credential Container technology with Liberty Advanced Client specifications and Intel’s Identity Capable Platforms.

Ping Identity – Ping Identity will review Auto-Connect, a new dynamic federation capability available in the company’s PingFederate 5.0 federated identity software. The session will show how dynamic federation uses SAML 2.0 capabilities and how Ping eliminates manual activities that previously had to be performed by administrators to configure and test SAML connections.

RSA – RSA, The Security Division of EMC – Geisinger Health System, a leader in the country’s rapidly emerging Electronic Health Records movement will discuss their application of RSA federation technology to improve clinical decision making within the emergency room. The organization will review the real benefits achieved, lessons learned and what the future holds for the project.

About the Liberty Alliance RSA Conference 2008 Workshop

The Identity Federation and Web Services: Happening Today – Enabling Tomorrow workshop will overview how CA, Intel, NTT, Ping Identity, RSA and customer organizations are successfully utilizing Liberty Alliance standards to implement state-of-the-art identity management solutions that strengthen security, increase privacy and offer end users and deploying organizations new levels of digital identity management simplicity. With opening remarks from Brett McDowell, executive director of Liberty Alliance, presenters will review the business drivers, high-level architectures, key technologies and policy decisions involved in developing and managing Liberty-enabled applications. The workshop is free of charge and open to all RSA Conference participants. The complete agenda and registration is available at


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