Liberty Alliance Response to the Article 29 Working Party’s On-line Authentication Services Report

On January 30, 2003 the European Union’s Article 29 Working Party, a group of European national data protection commissioners charged with monitoring compliance with the EU’s rules on consumer privacy, issued a report regarding “online authentication systems.”

The Liberty Alliance applauds the Working Party’s thorough analysis of on-line authentication systems as they relate to the EU’s data protection laws. They have done an excellent job identifying challenges and providing recommendations for how companies and systems that collect and control consumer data can comply with those laws.

We are pleased to see that the Working Party distinguished the difference between customer-facing systems that control consumer data and the Liberty Alliance. The Liberty Alliance is a group of 150 companies, non-profit and government organizations responsible for developing technical specifications that companies can use in the design of their own products and services.

The Liberty Alliance supports the Working Party’s view that online authentication services should correctly comply with the European data protection principles. As found in the report, the Alliance has developed the current specifications to allow compliance with the requirements of the EU’s data protection directives. We look forward to continued ongoing collaboration with the Article 29 Working Party.


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