Member Quotes

“Aconite is building and securing a new generation of trusted online trading and collaborative environments for its clients. We believe that Liberty represents a vital initiative to provide the open standards-based identity management for secure transactions on trusted computing platforms.”

– Andy Davies, CTO

AGEA Corporation
“Network identity and single sign-on are increasingly becoming customer requirements and the Liberty Alliance Project addresses these requirements with a solution defined by major industry players that ensures interoperability across vendors. AGEA is excited about joining the LAP and is looking forward to the widespread adoption of this standards-based solution.”

– C. Enrique Ortiz, VP and Principal of Wireless Technology

American Express
“American Express is pleased to join the Liberty Alliance to extend our role in empowering consumers with convenience and choice when using the Internet. The Alliance underscores our commitment to supporting open technology and services that will safeguard online privacy and security, and give consumers ultimate control over what information is shared, when it is shared, and with whom. The range of global companies participating in the Alliance will be important to establishing universal standards for convenient, secure online commerce.”

– Glen Salow, Executive Vice President & CIO

AOL Time Warner

“We believe the Liberty Alliance’s cooperative and decentralized approach will encourage both competition and consumer choice in this important new space, while protecting privacy and security. The Liberty Alliance’s open, federated architecture is the best solution for both consumers and the growth of the medium. We expect it will offer a platform on which to build the next generation of online services.”

– Barry Schuler, Chairman & CEO

Bell Canada

“Our goal is to ensure that customers have absolute confidence in the security and privacy of their personal information, which flows across communications networks. As a member of the Liberty Alliance, Bell Canada will participate in an international effort to establish a global standard for accessing communications systems through a single sign-on solution. We see it as a key enabler of Bell Canada’s convergence strategy that will allow customers to easily access any type of information, in any format, from any device.”

– Michael Sabia, President


“The Liberty Alliance Project promotes the openness and interoperability of identity across the Internet. This is the next big step after the deployment of federated Identity Management within the Enterprise. As a forward thinking vendor in the enterprise directory market, Calendra supports the Liberty Alliance initiative and its technological proposals.”

– Brice Michel, CEO and Founder


“Cauldron is excited to participate in the Liberty Alliance in order to provide secure identity solutions to the digital television, cable and broadcast media industries.”

– Steve Salzinger, President and CEO

CheckFree Corporation
“CheckFree supports all initiatives that align with our core objective to make high-quality, online financial transactions as secure and ubiquitous as possible. By tying together disparate business and e-commerce platforms, the industry intends to remove the complexity that consumers face today when using online financial services across the Internet. The Liberty Alliance unites the efforts of industry leaders to offer consumers elegant and easy-to-use options for authenticating transactions on the Web.”

– Randy McCoy, CTO and EVP of Applied Research and Development

Commerce One

“Identifying who is sending electronic business messages and that those messages are authorized is a critical part of the business Internet. We welcome participating in the Liberty Alliance and help making their vision of an open, federated network identity platform a reality.”

– Scott Wilkerson, VP Product Marketing

Communicator, Inc.

“In providing secure communications tools to our clients we believe that standards and interoperability are paramount. We joined the Liberty Alliance effort because we believe it will facilitate communication between enterprises and help us serve our clients better.”

– Leo Schlinkert, CEO

“Consignia holds a unique position of trust with businesses and consumers alike in the physical communications world. As we introduce more and more e-based services this status as a trusted intermediary will be increasingly important. Consignia is joining the Liberty Alliance as we have a role to play in providing standards for trust for sellers and consumers, delivering authentication and the protection of sensitive data. Equally, we have an ambitious programme of new e-business propositions, easing the use of the web and e-commerce for our customers. Most of these will, by necessity, be delivered through partnerships with other organisations and we are looking forward to working with the other Liberty Alliance members and sponsors.”

– Mark Thomson, Managing Director of E-enterprise

Critical Path
“Identity Management and Web Services will ultimately define how businesses interact with their customers and partners on the Internet. The Liberty Alliance Project is playing a vital role in shaping the standards that make these business relationships and consumer interactions secure and reliable, and Critical Path is committed to driving the adoption of these standards that will enable a core set of services built on our directory and meta-directory technology.”

– Michael Serbinis, CTO

Deloitte & Touche
“The ability to securely manage online identities in a manner that addresses a user’s right to privacy is an important goal in the evolution of the digital economy. In order to continue to provide exceptional levels of service and thought leadership to our clients, we are pleased to participate in this initiative. What we are hearing from our clients is that this issue is important to them with regards to security and access management. Through our involvement, we plan to offer the same leading edge thinking in the identity management space that we have been providing to our clients in other areas of security.”

– Fiona Williams, Partner & Leader, Information Security Services Group


“DigiGAN believes that it is important to be involved with organizations that are working towards developing and promoting a secure information assurance environment for all aspects of Internet communications and commerce. “We are excited to be a part of the Liberty Alliance and look forward to contributing to open standards for federated network identity.”

– Anthony Martini, President and CEO

Diversinet Corp.
“Since 1997, it has been Diversinet’s goal to help create an ubiquitous and convenient way for m-commerce users to present their personal information, while maintaining privacy and security over the Internet. Diversinet is pleased to join the Liberty Alliance and participate in an international effort to establish a global, open standard for convenient and secure identity management in electronic and mobile commerce.”

– Nagy Moustafa, President & CEO

“ECsoft has a long history of embracing innovative concepts, and integrating and deploying advanced technologies. The Liberty Alliance Project is exactly the type of initiative that we like to get involved with because the objectives complement perfectly our focus on delivering the security and network identity solutions needed to enable active online communities and stimulate e-commerce. Not only will individual consumers have more control over who has access to their information and how it is used, but businesses will also be able to create closer and more appropriate relationships with their customers, at last fulfilling the promise of customer relationship management in a truly win-win scenario. ECsoft brings to the Alliance an international Centre of Excellence focused on security and identity management, established expertise in the field of customer relationship management, and a successful track record of innovation and delivery in the commercial and government market sectors.”

– Jerry Gross, CTO

“EDS has spent the past four decades developing and managing some of the world’s most complex business systems using virtual private networks and the Internet. By collaborating with the elite group of industry leaders involved in the Liberty Alliance Project, EDS will continue to be at the forefront of the next generation of open Web technologies that will enable more innovative, reliable and secure solutions relating to the Internet.”

– Terry Milholland, SVP, CIO, CTO


“Single sign-on is a facilitator in the Mobile Internet market that attracts users through its user control and user friendliness. The Liberty approach with open standards where operators, banks, the media industry and others work together to create a common standard that supports their respective business is the right way to move forward.”

– Osborn Hogevik, Director, Corporate Business Development

General Motors

“The objectives of the Liberty Alliance Project are in line with General Motors’ pursuit to leverage the most effective technology solutions offered for the digital economy. Secure information management and interoperability across the Internet landscape are vital issues to GM as we use digital technologies to expand our strategic options and reinvent relationships with our customers, employees, and business partners. It’s a progressive, innovative alliance that makes sense for GM.”

– Ralph Szygenda, Group Vice President & CIO

Hewlett-Packard Company
“By joining the Liberty Alliance, HP reaffirms its longstanding commitment to supporting open industry standards and market-unifying architectures. Our goal is to increase customer access to interoperable technologies and to stimulate the broadest spectrum of innovation in our industry. Participating in this alliance levels the playing field for IT developers and opens the door for industry-wide collaboration on important matters such as building secure and trusted architectures.”

– Rich DeMillo, Vice President & CTO


“Imprivata is delighted to join the Liberty Alliance and fully supports its mission to ensure an open standard for federated network identity. As a provider of secure single sign-on solutions, we are committed to offering our customers the highest level of convenience and privacy. Our partnership with the Liberty Alliance furthers that pledge and that of our colleagues by adopting a unified approach to achieving interoperable, customer-focused solutions.”

– David Ting, Founder and CTO

Lycos Europe

“Lycos Europe faces a strong demand from its users for networking distributed Internet applications according to their individual needs. As opposed to initiatives that are clearly dominated by one company, it is exactly the decentralized and non-discriminatory approach of the Liberty Alliance concept that makes us believe in the success of our offerings in this area.”

– Dr. Stefan Schwarz, Director Analytical CRM and Data Warehousing

MasterCard International

“MasterCard is committed to providing a secure environment for all payment
transactions, including electronic commerce and mobile commerce. Our active
participation on the board of directors for the Liberty Alliance Project will benefit our members by helping to ensure that our efforts towards guaranteed payments over remote channels are consistent with open standards for broad industry adoption .”

– Art Kranzley, Chief e-Business Officer

“The promise of federated identity and the Liberty Alliance is all about building bridges to support and enable business across enterprise boundaries. Netegrity is committed to supporting federated sign-on, identity, and entitlements. We are looking forward to working on the standardization of the Liberty Alliance specification, while helping ensure interoperability with other security specifications, such as SAML and WS-Security.”

– Deepak Taneja, Netegrity’s Chief Technology Officer

“The role of the Liberty Alliance Project is to support the development, deployment and evolution of an open, interoperable standard for federated network identity. It is
imperative for the future of the industry that together we provide a networked world in which individuals and businesses can more easily conduct transactions while protecting the privacy and security of vital identity information .”

– Raomal Perera, CEO

“NeuStar is proud to join the Liberty Alliance with its broad and diverse base of industry support in its quest for creating secure, private, and transparent e-commerce transactions for consumers and businesses. As a proven, neutral third-party provider of directory and clearinghouse services, enabling transactions in a federated or distributed model is central to all of our of lines of business.”

– Mark Foster, CTO and Senior Vice President

“The way in which people communicate with each other is rapidly changing. Personalization, location specific services and time sensitivity are becoming increasingly important as individuals are building their own mobile worlds. In this world the mobile phone has evolved into a centerpiece of personal life management, enabling complete personal connectivity between people, services, devices, applications, organizations and locations. Therefore, it is crucial to deliver open industry specifications for all relevant technologies, including management of online identities. We can enable a new generation of secure and flexible mobile Internet services through initiatives such as the Liberty Alliance.”

– Pekka Ala-Pietila, President

“We are delighted to join the Liberty Alliance and assist in the acceleration of the their standards, which will give customers additional choices for identity services on the Internet. By supporting the Liberty Alliance standards, Oblix NetPoint becomes a single identity management infrastructure that customers can deploy to support multiple, incompatible federated services. Membership in the consortium extends our commitment to identity management standards and allows us to offer a new level of support to our continually growing customer base.”

– Nand Mulchandani, CTO and Co-founder

Openwave Systems
“Openwave is pleased to be a member of the Liberty Alliance. This broad-based alliance will bring new levels of freedom and accessibility to users of mobile services. It will provide consumers with enhanced personal convenience through the creation of highly interoperable products and services for both wired and wireless communities. Openwave brings to the Alliance an extensive experience in mobile web services, open standards and mobile technology leadership at the intersection of both wired and wireless services.”

– John MacFarlane, CTO

Phaos Technology
“We at Phaos Technology believe that the work being done by the Liberty Alliance members has provided an essential strategic foundation to the federated business model. Creating standards for trusted business and consumer relationships is vital to this new economic model. We are pleased to be a part of this effort.”

– Roger K. Sullivan, President


“Quadrasis is pleased to join the Liberty Alliance consortium because we recognize its goal — to provide an open standard for federated network identity — is a critical first step towards solving security trust management across distributed systems. This goal aligns perfectly with the Quadrasis EASI Security UnifierÔ, our visionary solution which handles the remaining Enterprise Application Security Integration (EASI) challenges beyond network identity. We look forward to working together with the Liberty Alliance to achieve truly unified and comprehensive security across federated systems.”

– Harriet Goldman, VP Professional Services


“Sabre has played a leading role in making e-commerce an integral part of the travel industry, through Sabre businesses such as GetThere, Travelocity and Sabre Virtually There. Participating in the Liberty Alliance is one way Sabre is working to transform the business of travel and maintain the level of trust our customers have placed in us.”

– Craig Murphy, CTO


“Today, as enterprises drive business across their boundaries, security becomes an important issue for e-business solutions. Liberty Alliance Project’s open, standards-based approach strives to break down technical barriers in heterogeneous environments, facilitating business on a global level and changing the way companies do business in the future.”

– Karl-Heinz Hess, Member of SAP’s Extended Executive Board

SK Telecom

“We are delighted that SK Telecom is joining the Liberty Alliance’s effort to deliver an identity standard that will offer value to consumers and businesses across different industries. We look forward to working with the major players in the Liberty Alliance in developing and promoting new business opportunities.”

– Manwon Jung, Vice President, Internet Business Divisional Group

Software & Information Industry Association
“As the demands of global eCommerce require greater interoperability and identification requirements, the Liberty Alliance Project is a welcome forum for commercial and non-commercial organizations to work together toward these important goals. We look forward to working with the Liberty Alliance as it strives to promote confidence in transactions by consumers and business.”

– Mark Bohannon, General Counsel and Senior Vice President Public Policy


“Federated identity is an important building block for the next generation e-commerce applications enabled by Trustgenix. We are glad to be a part of the Liberty Alliance and its standards development effort, which is a key accelerator in this area.”

– Greg Whitehead, CTO

WaterWare Internet Services
“Exceptional growth in Internet applications and services is driving the current phase of the Internet revolution. Key to the success of these online services is a secure, yet convenient, way for consumers to manage their personal network identity. WaterWare is dedicated to promoting open standards for federated identity and is proud to be a member of the Liberty Alliance.”

– Mark E. Waters, President & CEO

Wave Systems, Inc.

“The convergence of identity solutions, web services, and trusted systems will power the next generation of the Internet. Wave Systems is excited to be involved in the important efforts of the Liberty Alliance to define an open and standard way for users, businesses, and organizations to interact in valuable new ways using the identity solutions that the Liberty Alliance is creating.”

– Steven Sprague, President and CEO

Waveset Technologies

“Waveset is and will continue to be heavily committed to supporting the standardization of key elements of identity infrastructure. The Liberty Alliance Project represents a significant step forward for federated identity exchange across the Web.”

– Darran Rolls, Director of Technology


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