Liberty Alliance Member Support For The Version 1.0 Specifications

American Express
“The Liberty Alliance today takes a major step forward on the promise to deliver a consumer-focused solution for easily connecting to the array of services available via the Web. We will press ahead with our partners in this cross-industry, global effort to offer consumers a seamless, secure passageway to the online sites and services they choose.”

– Glen Salow, Executive Vice President & CIO

Deloitte & Touche
“Our clients are always looking for ways to facilitate the use of the Internet while maintaining the privacy of their employees, customers, and business partners. The federated network identity and authentication sharing specifications announced today by the Liberty Alliance Project, when incorporated into vendor solutions and combined with our experience in identity management, will enable Deloitte & Touche to continue to provide innovative solutions to help our clients meet their business needs.”

– Fiona Williams, Partner and Leader, Information Security Services Group

“Entrust is an enthusiastic proponent of the Liberty Alliance’s vision. Entrust is bringing trust to a digital world and the Alliance is helping to forge that trust with the industry and consumers. For our customers, the federated network provides a prime business value by offering access to a greater population of potential users through a seamless identification process.”

– Brian O’Higgins, Vice President and CTO

“The first Liberty specifications are an important milestone towards the vision of achieving a simple and secure way to sign on to different services in an open and federated environment. Ericsson products will support the Liberty standard, adding value to mobile operators as well as end-users.”

– Osborn Hogevik, Director Corporate Business Development

France Telecom
“The launch of the first specifications is a result of both the commitment demonstrated by Liberty Alliance members and the sound schedule established by the Alliance management. France Telecom is proud to contribute its expertise to the development and launch of the Liberty specifications. This first step towards a federated single sign on system will help France Telecom in its efforts to increase the user-friendliness of mobile and Internet services.”

– JJ Damlamian, Group Executive Vice President

i2 Technologies
“i2 advocates the Liberty specifications as a positive, unifying force to global supply chain management industries. It will facilitate needed interoperability standards between business partners’ systems, and provide an identity-enabled foundation for more
context-sensitive and identity-sensitive SCM applications of the future.”

– Dr. Pallab Chatterjee, Executive Vice President and President, Solutions Operations

“The delivery of the Liberty Alliance’s version 1.0 specifications is an important milestone. Intuit believes the specifications will be a significant aid in its efforts to assure user privacy while achieving ease of use and efficiency of online business functions.”

– Bill Ihrie, SVP and CTO

MasterCard International

“MasterCard supports the development of a federated network identity and authentication sharing program that is both easy to use and interoperable with existing identification systems. We believe the Liberty Alliance Project’s version 1.0 specification are a good starting point and foundation for providing Internet users with a simplified log-in process for their linked accounts, where our member financial institutions have elected to provide access to their customer accounts based on a shared identity with other specific organizations. We look forward to evaluating future products that are based on this specification for our member financial institutions.”

– Simon Pugh, Vice President, Infrastructure and Standards

“The way in which people communicate with each other is moving to a new level. The mobile phone will evolve into a trusted centerpiece of personal life management, enabling complete connectivity between people, services, devices and applications. With the release of the first Liberty Alliance specifications, we foresee new opportunities for the mobile services market as users can seamlessly manage identities and have the freedom to access information and perform transactions over multiple devices quickly, easily and securely. Combined with the power of next generation networks and new, more advanced mobile terminals and solutions, the Liberty Alliance specifications will help create a world in which information travels freely across terminals, operators and markets.”

– Mikko Terho, Senior Vice President, Mobile Software


“The launch of the Liberty Alliance version 1.0 specifications is the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the Internet and online commerce. Today we’ve unveiled a means to make effective use of personal and business data, without placing that data under the control of any one vendor, which in and of itself is a violation of trust. Novell is a strong supporter of the work of the Liberty Alliance and will be one of the first companies to market with a Liberty Alliance-compliant identity management solution.
Novell’s solution, codenamed Saturn, will provide standards-based single sign-on to
enable companies to build more profitable, secure partnerships, more enduring relationships with customers and more productive employees.”

– Chris Stone, Vice Chairman – Office of the CEO

OneName Corporation
“The Liberty Alliance has taken an important first step towards solving the challenges of digital identity. OneName will continue working with alliance members to create a powerful framework for individuals and businesses to engage in digital transactions without compromising the security and privacy of their identities.”

– David Watkins, CEO

Radicchio Consortium
“Radicchio is dedicated to making it easier for mobile customers to access and work with businesses online. We believe that customers want to be in charge of what happens to their identity information online, and we believe the first specifications announced by the Liberty Alliance today are a significant first step in providing them with this convenience and control.”

– Stefan Engel-Flechsig, CEO

RSA Security
“Interoperable, federated identification standards drive e-business and enhance relationships among customers, partners and employees. Our support of the Liberty
Alliance specifications brings tremendous benefit to customers who already rely on RSA Security’s solutions to provide the level of trust, convenience and reliability needed to grow e-business revenues and enhance profitability.”

– Scott Schnell, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Corporate Development

“Through the Liberty Alliance, Sabre supports the goal of making life easier in a networked world, to develop new technologies that represent the next steps in the evolution of the business of travel.”

– Craig Murphy, CTO

Stabsstelle IKT-Strategie des Bundes, Austria
“Identities and open interfaces play a vital role in creating a secure foundation for e-Government. The Liberty Alliance Project has developed such open specifications for a federated identity solution. We strongly believe that these specifications are a step in the right direction and will help us in our goal of establishing a secure e-Government framework in Austria.”

– Reinhard Posch, CIO

Sony Corporation
“The launch of the version 1.0 specifications marks a crucial step toward the Alliance’s goal of developing open, interoperable specifications for network identity, which Sony is fully committed to achieve. We believe the Alliance’s continuous efforts toward this goal will significantly contribute to the expansion of secure and consumer-friendly online services, and eventually benefit the global economy in which Internet commerce will be an important component. Sony is ready to play an active role with other partners of Liberty Alliance in bringing more advanced solutions to the Internet society.”

– Mario Tokoro, Corporate Executive Vice President and Co-CTO

Sun Microsystems Inc.
“Sun is delighted to see the industry agree upon an open, non-proprietary standard for interoperability. Enterprises large and small can now provide their customers with a seamless and uniform interaction with all their business partners – without fear of prying eyes, or costly and proprietary single sign on solutions. Expect to see Sun’s implementation of the Liberty standard in all our JavaTM technology web services offerings, from our directory and portal servers, to the billions of Java technology-enabled network devices – and customers – they serve.”

– Jonathan Schwartz, Executive Vice President, Software

United Airlines
“United Airlines strongly supports the Liberty Alliance’s release of its version 1.0 specification. United Airlines believes the version 1.0 specifications can be used in the short-term and with its existing infrastructure to provide functionality that will benefit its B2C, B2B, and B2E relationships. The version 1.0 specifications also provide the foundation for future functionality that will provide even greater benefit to United Airlines, and its customers, business partners, and employees. United Airlines already has begun efforts to use the version 1.0 specifications to link internal systems and to facilitate enhancement of existing relationships with key business partners.”

– Rob Robless, CTO

“The delivery of these specifications is an important step toward better serving customers’ needs by building trust and interoperability into Web services. As a member of the Liberty Alliance, we applaud the industry’s efforts to create open standards for the next wave of e-commerce.”

– Anil Pereira, Executive Vice President and General Manager,
Enterprise and Service Provider Division

“Our company believes that making mobile data services easy to use for the customer are critical for their success. We believe that by removing the headache of multiple username and password entries, the first phase Liberty Alliance specifications provide a valuable first step. We are happy to see the rapid progress that such a large organization with diverse membership has achieved and we anticipate similar progress for subsequent phases.”

– Prof. Michael Walker, Director of Research and Development


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