Japanese Group Offers Common Technical Specs to Protect Privacy

Asia Pulse
By Staff Reporter
Liberty Alliance, a consortium of 150 firms, including Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. (TSE:9432) and Sony Corp. (TSE:6758), announced Thursday that it has finalized technical specifications aimed at protecting personal information that is shared over the Internet and improving the convenience of e-commerce transactions.With this technology, personal information — such as names, addresses and credit card numbers — registered with one e-commerce Web site can be used at another site without the user having to re-enter it.Called Liberty Federation Framework Phase 2, this technology will allow companies to share personal information in a secure manner by connecting their servers. This is an application of Web Services technology, which allows servers from different companies to operate together.The consortium also established privacy and security guidelines, addressing privacy concerns, for example, by requiring user confirmation when personal information is shared.Up until now, users had to enter information at each online service. This was not only tiresome for the user, but it was hard to determine how much information a certain Web site had disclosed to others, making it difficult to find if and where a leak had occurred.

In Phase 3, the consortium will combine the technology with cellular phones to develop ways to send information to a user after verifying his or her location, or devise a system to automatically determine if a certain individual is able to communicate.


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