Liberty Workshop, March 10 2008, Understanding Liberty’s Identity Technology Standards: Built for Today, Paving Way to Tomorrow

This set of presentations targetted a technical audience, aiming to provide information about Liberty’s technical standards, use cases they address, future roadmap considerations, and benefits organizations are realizing through their use today as a foundation for additional capabilities in the future.


Workshop – Understanding Liberty’s Identity Technology Standards: Built for Today, Paving Way to Tomorrow, 03/10/2008, The Meeting Room, Sun Microsystems Santa Clara, CA 95050, USA

Liberty Alliance Welcome
Presented by Bill Smith of Liberty Alliance & Sun Microsystems
This presentation provides an introduction to Liberty Alliance, its members, its mission, its accomplishments, and the road ahead.

Liberty Architecture Overview
Presented by Conor Cahill of Intel
This presentation provides an overall orientation to Liberty’s technical standards and specfications, as well as a glipse to future work with Robust Client, Strong Authentication, and Identity Governance.

Rearden Commerce: Federation Enabling SaaS Case Study
Presented by Chuck Mortimore of Rearden Commerce
Delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) to more than half a million employees in six hundred companies, the Rearden Personal Assistant leverages federation technology to help users find and purchase the services they need based on their preferences and company policies. As users schedule travel, dining reservations, corporate entertainment, package shipments, web conferences and other services, the Rearden Personal Assistant automatically updates their calendars and notifies them of any changes.

Identity Governance Framework OpenLiberty Project
Presented by Phil Hunt of Oracle Corporation
This presentation reviewed the Identity Governance Framework, a technical spec currently being developed parallel track within Liberty’s Technology Expert Group, as well as Open Source code released through the activity. A technical walk through is presented, allowing attendees to see that with proper governance, the sharing of personal information can reduce information collection, improve privacy, reduce liability, and improve business accuracy, workflow, and profitability.

Identity Assurance Overview
Presented by Russ Cutler of Confiance Advisors
This presentation reviews the aims and goals of the Identity Assurance Expert Group and SIG, with primary focus on the current work product, the Identity Assurance Framework. This technology-agnostic Framework supports mutual acceptance, validation and lifecycle maintenance across identity federation.

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Liberty Advanced Client Overview
Presented by Conor Cahill of Intel
The evolution of Liberty-related clients is reviewed in this presentation, with use cases discussed for each. Particular focus is spent on the Advanced Client, its capabilities and functions, use cases it addresses, and how to technically implement it.

eGovt Birds of a Feather Session
Presented by Sampo Kellomaki of Symlabs
As part of the workshop, eGovt attendees gathered to review use cases and commonalities across their deployments. This presentation reviews some of these discussions and presents use case models for reviewing application of Liberty’s specifications to meet a variety of eGovt use cases.

Services Specifications: Realizing New Business Capabilities
Presented by Sampo Kellomaki of Symlabs
The ability to easily develop identity services to sit on top of Liberty’s Identity Web Services Framework is largely appealing to developers. In this presentation, Sampo reviews the technology that makes this possible and some of the services that have already been created, including Contact Book, Content Services Messaging (aka ID-Messaging), Identity based Directory Access Protocol with extensible data schema, Personal Profile, Employee Profile, and GeoLocation.

ID-WSF 2.0 Tools & Libraries & Firefox SAMLv2 ECP Extension
Presented by Asa Hardcastle of Zenn New Media
This presentation reviewed current projects and activities underway in, with an emphasis on the ID-WSF 2.0 Client Library with a sample code overview, and the FireFox ECP Plugin. Future activities are also discussed.


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