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Liberty Alliance IPR Policy

View a detailed explanation of Liberty’s IP policy and why this particular policy was chosen.

View information regarding Necessary Claims Disclosures received by the Liberty Alliance Management Board.

Submit comments and questions about the Liberty specifications to the Liberty Alliance.

Liberty Alliance Developer Forum

An open, e-mail-based technical forum for implementers of the Liberty Alliance Specifications to trade ideas, exchange questions and answers, and share their implementation experiences with the global Liberty Alliance developer community is available in the Public Community area. The Forums, Blogs and Links, and other resources available in this area allow developers to browse postings, blogs, and a host of other community-based activities.

Enumeration Registry

Several of the Liberty specifications make use of identifiers that consist of constants and other well-known values. For example, in the Liberty ID-SIS Personal Profile Specification ( liberty-idsis-pp-v1.1.pdf ), we define a list of messaging technologies (fax, email, icq to name a few). It is conceivable that we would need to add further items to such lists over time. To ensure interoperability between implementations, it may be necessary to maintain central registries of these, and similar, enumerated values.

In order for Liberty to manage such registries prudently, guidelines are needed that describe the conditions under which new values can be assigned. liberty-enumeration-registry-1.1.pdf describes the process for creating and maintaining a Liberty enumeration registry. discusses issues that should be considered in formulating a policy for assigning values to a registry, and provides guidelines to document authors on the specific text that must be included in Liberty documents.

The Enumeration Registry provides the most current list of allowed enumerators for these elements, and should be regarded as the definitive list of values for these elements.

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