Liberty Alliance ID-WSF Advanced Client 1.0 DRAFT Specifications

Liberty Alliance ID-WSF Advanced Client DRAFT Specifications – Complete ZIP File : Contains the latest draft of the Advanced Client 1.0 Specs, schema, WSDL, and supporting docs. These are draft specifications, subject to final approval and vote by membership, and public comment is welcome and encouraged.

Note that the Advanced Client draft specifications depend on definitions, schema, and other materials from the ID-WSF 2.0 Specifications.

You can submit comments about these draft Advanced Client specifications.

Liberty Alliance ID-WSF Advanced Client DRAFT – Individual Documents

  • Liberty ID-WSF Advanced Client Technologies Overview
    liberty-idwsf-adv-client-v1.0-01.pdf : Provides an overview of the mechanisms by which smart clients can operate in disconnected mode while accessing and providing web services.
  • Liberty ID-WSF Design Patterns
    liberty-idwsf-dp-v1.0-02.pdf : This specification defines common design patterns that can be included in other Liberty ID-WSF specifications.

  • Liberty IDP Service Specification
    liberty-idwsf-idp-v1.0-02.pdf : This specification describes the ID-WSF IDP Service.

  • Liberty ID-WSF Provisioned Module Manager Service Specification
    liberty-idwsf-pmm-v1.0-02.pdf : This specification defines the interfaces for the Provisioning Module Manager (PMM).

  • Liberty ID-WSF Provisioning Service Specification
    liberty-idwsf-prov-v1.0-02.pdf : This specification defines the Provisioning Service interfaces.

  • Liberty ID-WSF Service Hosting and Proxying Service Specification
    liberty-idwsf-shps-v1.0-02.pdf : This specification describes the Service Hosting and Proxying Service and its interfaces.


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