An Overview of the Liberty Alliance Expert Groups

The Business & Marketing Expert Group identifies and drives the market requirements for the Liberty specifications and is also the central point for all of the Alliance’s communications and public relations efforts. Additionally, it is responsible for creating the business templates that will help drive business adoption of the specifications and enable circles of trust.

Why you should participate:

  • Develop and advance business relationships through collaboration
  • Drive development of specifications and market requirements
  • Demonstrate your company’s Liberty-enabled technologies to internal and external audiences
  • Promote your commitment to promoting adoption of the Liberty Alliance standard by pooling your resources with many of your partners in your industry
  • Receive advance access to Liberty Alliance resources, including a messages, presentation and graphics library, news summaries, PR updates, and industry data

The Technology Expert Group drives the technical specifications to support the market needs identified by the Business & Marketing Expert Group. This body of experts is made up of many of the top technical experts across industries, resulting in highly productive work sessions and excellent market education opportunities.

Why you should participate:

  • Network with industry experts and gain further education and understanding of the industry
  • Establish your own “first to market” opportunities by being one of the first to implement specifications in your product suites
  • Maintain access to LAP email archives and technical correspondence
  • Publish your work and advance technical skills

The Public Policy Expert Group drives dialogue with government and non-government groups concerned with the many issues pertaining to identity and data management. It also ensures that the Liberty specifications adhere to pertinent laws and regulations.

Why you should participate:

  • Understand emerging legislation and opportunities that will help organizations comply with regulations and become a more “trusted” organizations
  • Gain insights into regulatory obstacles that can be collectively addressed via industry consortia
  • Network with industry leaders in the space

Register for our June 2004 Conformance Event in Chicago, IL

The Liberty Alliance Conformance Expert Group (CEG) was formed to define and manage the process for validating interoperability between vendors’ implementations of the Liberty Alliance standards. The CEG encourages all product providers to participate, validates their implementations, and publicizes their success. The growing number of interoperable implementations ensure overall buyer confidence in interoperability, help predict product functionality and provide a reference point for both technology vendor and deployer expectations. The CEG defines the testing process and procedures, defines licensing requirements and monitors usage of Liberty conformance logos, and conducts conformance testing events.

Why you should participate:

  • Define the technical requirements for conformance testing
  • Manage the Liberty Conformance Testing program

Additional information:

See a listing of Products and Services that have passed conformance testing.

View Liberty Alliance Project Conformance Testing Documentation.

Review the Liberty Alliance Project Interoperability Trademark License Agreement.
The Services Expert Group was formed to define and manage the process for creating new service specifications for the Liberty Alliance. The group is responsible for the creation, oversight and coordination of all activities involved in the creation of new Services Specifications, including the formation of new services tracks, writing MRDs and developing the specification.

Why you should participate:

  • Input into the Liberty ID-SIS specifications—help fast-track development of specifications you need to drive new business
  • Network with experts in your industry
  • Publish your work


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