The Liberty Alliance has gained wide acceptance across many industries from around the globe. This acceptance is particularly well represented in the mobile space, where Liberty is recognized as the de facto standard for identity services. This support is not surprising given the strong business case that Liberty offers to mobile providers wishing to provide Liberty-defined identity services, either to service providers and/or SIM services to other identity providers. Liberty specifications not only immediately benefit access control and data services (i.e. remote payment, geolocation) for mobile operators, but also offer an improved identity solution at the right cost, benefiting the entire mobile ecosystem.

Additional Resources

Nokia White Papers – Nokia Web Services – Helping operators mobilize the Internet  

•  WS_Operators_A4_0408.pdf 1.13 MB


Nokia White Paper – Nokia Web Services Framework for Devices  

•  Web_Services_Nokia.pdf 1.02 MB


Turkcell White Paper – Turkcell: A GSM Operators Service Network and the Subscribers Identity  

•  turkcell_sun.pdf 934.74 kB


Nokia/Sun Whitepaper: Deploying Mobile Web Services using Liberty Alliance’s Identity Web Services Framework (ID-WSF) – 2004  

•  Nokia_Sun_A4_2806.pdf 973.19 kB


AOL and Nokia – Web Services Demonstration video  


Our presentation repository offers a wide range of business, policy and technical presentations from global conferences as well as public webcasts. Presentations
The initiatives put forth in the Liberty Alliance Project have applications in real-world scenarios. Case Studies
Perhaps the most exciting sector—in terms of far reaching new business opportunities and consumer offerings due to Liberty standards—is in the telecommunications marketplace, where many of the leading players across the globe are well engaged. Telecom
The Liberty “Mobile Business Guidelines” document can help you build the business case for the impact of Liberty in the ID Theft space.  



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