The goal of Projectliberty was to unite technology, commercial, and government organizations to create a standard for federated, identity-based Internet applications as an alternative to the technologies appearing on the market that are controlled by a single entity such as Microsoft’s Passport.

Having succeeded in this, we have turned our focus to comparing many different products in order to provide our customers and readers with maximum data security on the Internet, as well as maximum product quality.

Projectliberty is a global identity consortium founded in 2001 by about 30 organizations with the goal of developing open technical, business and privacy standards for federated identity management.

We are the only global identity organization that has looked at identity issues from a holistic perspective and addressed the technological, business, and privacy aspects of identity management to create a more trusted global Internet for consumers and businesses worldwide.

In today’s information economy, trust is the necessary foundation for secure interoperability and is central to the successful implementation of what is possible on the Web. From both the user’s and the implementing organization’s perspective, it’s a question of who to trust with what…. and that requires an understanding of politics, economics, and technology, as well as an appropriate infrastructure.

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