Number of bats:

Number of fences:



B@TS! You are trapped in a yard full of deadly bats and electric fences.
All of the bats are after you. If you touch a fence or a bat, you die.
A bat will die if it touches a fence or another bat.

You can move by pressing keys on the keyboard.

q ↖ w e ↗
a s d
z ↙ x c ↘
spacebar hyperjump
7 ↖ 8 9 ↗
4 5 6
1 ↙ 2 3 ↘
0 hyperjump

To move toward the top left corner, press the letter q
or the digit 7. To stand still (which is rarely wise) press
the letter s or the digit 5 or do nothing. To
hyperjump, press the spacebar or the digit 0.
A hyperjump can materialize you next to a bat, so it should only be used as a
last resort. You get about a second or so per move. If you don’t move, the bats
will go ahead anyway.

The bats can find you by echolocation, but they cannot sense the fences.
If you can lead all of the bats into the fences, you win. Click on the
Play button to begin the game. Click on the Pause
button to pause the game. Click on the Resume button to continue
playing a paused game. You can vary the parameters of the game.

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